Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cross Country 2012

We Came. We Ran. We Finished The Race. 

Cross Country was amazing today and I had so much fun! The race was very close but I am really happy and thankful to God that I came in 12th in the Secondary 4/5 level! I thought I would never stand a chance as there were so many people competing but I did, and it was a really good run! 

I was as dead as a zombie after the run but it was all worth it as I am feeling as fit as ever now! (Y) Dang it, how I wish it was Friday today! Oh well, I guess I'll still have to go back to school tomorrow! Sighs, I'm tired :( 

Agnes and Me 
Desiree and Me 


I had to go back for Choir after that but I was feeling so sick and I was not able to sing! I wanted to puke and my head was having the worst headache ever. I felt that the World was spinning and I had to sit down to rest while the Choir did warm ups (Man, I feel so bad now, sobs) 

After I rested for awhile the Secondary 4/5s had to go down to coach the Secondary 1s and it was actually pretty fun and interesting! I finally got to bond with them and I was kinda impressed by their enthusiasm and confidence  ^^  I did not remember myself being so confident when I was their age! 

Alright peeps, I know you guys might wanna see more photos but this is currently what I have. I promise I'll uploads more photos when I get them and please stick around while waiting for them! 

As for now, I'm going to bed good night. 

XoXo, Kimberley 

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