Saturday, 14 April 2012

Morning Call

Good Morning Peeps! 

If you were wondering why I'm up and early on a Saturday morning, the reason is this - DRAMA (Y) As the 170 anniversary is coming closer, all the Performing arts girls are working really hard and we have been rehearsing like "crazy" :O

Drama is really fun but of course there would be stressful moments, those pretty similar to Choir, but I think these moments will serve as a motivation and a driving force for me to go on!! Our rehearsal will be from 8-1pm and so for my breakfast today, I had "Yam Pao"

Sighs, I really hope this will be enough to last me till the next time I eat which is currently unknown when!  Alright, I guess I better get going before it's too late ^^ I'll try and update my blog again tonight as yesterday was my last performance with my Sec 4 badge of Choir friends and I really want to dedicate something to them! Stay tune for the post tonight and have a great weekend ahead!!

- Kimberley 

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