Tuesday, 8 May 2012

2 More Days

2 more days, I just need to hang in there for two more days! :( Sighs, when will this shit be all over! Oh well, I have a strong feeling I will screw up my mid-years once again! Why do I say that? Let me tell you why, even Principles Of Accounts, (my most confident subject) was horrible -.- I was suppose to choose 1 question to do from Section B but NO I did both instead (Y) 

"Very good Kimberley, you are so smart :( "

Ugh, forget it, it's all over anyway! Hmmms, just a short updated with my life, I am doing pretty good and I can't wait for Thursday to come! After Thursday, I'll be free and I can go out and party! Oh man, you guys have no idea how much I have been waiting for this! I'll be partying like no tomorrow and I'll be living the time of my life ^^ Wanna jio me out? 

Dang! Today was yet another FAILED attempt to study! Oh my gosh, I really cannot play after the holidays! If I carry on like this, I don't even think I can go into POLY :( Okay, I was just kidding, my results are not that bad but I'm just being paranoid right now! Hmmms, I really do not want to look at my own paper. I am really afraid of what is to come.... Would I fail? :( 

Oh yes! I almost forgot, if you guys were wondering, my bangs are fake as it is a clip on bangs - DON'T JUDGE - but I want to know if I look good! Can you guys tell me? I wanna cut my hair and reborn my fringe like that but I'll only do it if it's nice! Hmmms, comment and if people like it, I will cut my hair like that probably next week!  

Sigh, I think I have to go now but before I do, I wanna encourage you guys to hang in there no matter how much you feel like giving up! The exams are ending and fun time is coming! Let's all do well and party together shall we? 

XoXo - Kimberley 

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