Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Friends Like These

Hey Guys! (: I finally got my results back and they kinda sucked :( However, I only failed 1 subject and I guess I should be satisfied with my results! No? Hmms, I was pretty sad and disappointed when I first saw my grades but lucky for me I had friends who were bothered to care! ^^ Justin, Haqim and Hanna really made my day when we met up at Bishan for a mini ranting session! ^^ 

I don't think you guys realize but there has been a lot of unseen drama going on in my life and I'm rather irritated by some people in my life. The feeling was about to drive me insane but Justin and Haqim made me laugh so hard that my sadness somehow disappeared for that short while. Even though they are rather new friends I can say that their really nice. I actually think that they may be nicer then some of my friends I've know for years! :( Sad much? 

So yes, I was really glad I met them and I really think that they are friends that I would really wanna cherish for as long as possible ^^ Okay I'm sounding really cheesy and I think if they were ever to read this they will be puking by now but regardless I really wanna thank them! (; 
In my life, I've learnt not to judge people by their cover! I have learnt that everyone has his/her own story that you'll never understand so we really should not say anything about people! Hmms, but my point in this is, if you want to stereotype people, I think you should think again. I know of many adults who like to categories people based on their background and schools but you know what? I honestly feel that no matter where a person comes from, the only thing that matters is the heart. Therefore, if anyone of you adults want to judge me or my friends I suggest you take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are any better before saying anything ~ 

Alright, that's it for now! I really hope you guys did well for your mid years and if you haven't gotten back your results, I want to wish you guys all the best in getting them back ^^ Always remember to keep on smiling and that I'll be here for you guys no matter what! You know I love you! 

"I'm missing you guys so much, you're the best!"

- Kimberley ♥ 

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