Saturday, 19 May 2012

She Will Be Loved

"Dear boy, I wanna be the reason for the smile on your face and that one girl in your life that cannot be replaced ♥ "

I think "Hanna" is the only friend I can rely on right now (Y) She's the only one that can fully understand me and most importantly she cares. I spent almost my whole of today with her, catching up on each other's lives :) We met early in the morning for a jog - which did not happen - and we met in town for some window shopping at around 12 noon later. 

Hanna and I had lot of fun slacking at Bishan Stadium while having a heart to heart talk outside the running track! This was because CJC was having some kinda event that prevented us from running! :( Sighs, why does this always happen? Well anyway, we stay at Bishan till about 10 and we left for home ^^ I know you guys must be wondering why we went home but seriously you can't expect us to wear shirt and shorts to town right? Hehehehe ^^ 

Honestly guys, if my shopping fever goes on like this, I am not going to save any money :( You can call it sad but I did not buy anything today! Hmms, pathetic much? Oh well, the only person I can blame myself. I was the one who spent all my allowance the very first day I got it ~ Opps! 

Anyway, I met up with my Primary school friend - Tiffany later in the day to once again, catch up! However, we ended up looking at people skate @ Scape! I was really impressed you know (Y) They were all so good and the determination they had to perfect the stuns were very commendable. Looking at them made me want to learn how to skate as well but I doubt a person like me will ever learn how to skate! I think I will be much more of an embarrassment then anything else! :(  Sighs! Anyone want to attempt to teach me? :p

In conclusion, I had lot of fun today and I'm officially tired :O I have a feeling I'm going to fall sick really soon! Hmms, wish me well alright? Here are the rest of the photos I took throughout the day, I hope you guys are happy with my blog now ^^ I'm really tiring to make it more interesting and I truly wish you guys will like my blog post even more! You guys will right? (; 

H A N N A   &   M E

T I F F A N Y   &   M E 

- XoXo, Kimberley 

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