Saturday, 12 May 2012

You Only Live Once

P  R  E  T  T  Y   R  E  C  K  L  E  S  S

Heck yeah guys! I've finally got a fringe "claps" for me! Anyways, as you guys might know, my exams ended yesterday and I'm seriously having the time of my life....

However, some people - including my friends - think I'm changing but I got to say that even though I may turn into a wild bitch I'm still me! I can be that friend I always was and I'll never change! I don't wanna get you mad but if you knew me well enough, you will know that I have always been like that! I always wanted to be that girl who can live a really carefree life and just have fun but somehow and somewhere along the line, STUDIES and GRADES started to matter. Not to me, but to the society. People started looking down on those who had bad grades and people started to judge :( Sobs, I guess that's how the World is now! 

You know honestly, I don't see anything wrong with people from NA, NT or any institution! I mean what the heck? Aren't we all humans? Why do people always give me that face when I tell them what school my friends are from? Is it really that important? Do you really care about the school and where they are from more then their personality and character? People tend to misunderstand and say students from the NA stream are "ahlians" or "ahbengs" and cannot study! Okay, honestly have you thought beyond that? Why can't "ahlians" and "ahbengs" be nice too? Why do you always have to say that they are rude or whatever? And so what if studying is not their thing? Have you ever thought that they might be good in something else? Huh? What is wrong with people man! Ughh damn... 

You know I am so sick of people judging my friends and people I hang out with! If you don't like it then keep it to yourself. Seriously get a life! And to all the people who look down on us, screw you (Y) Oh and lastly, you only know our faces not our whole story so shut up!

Okay rant session over! Dang, I just cannot stand some people :( their so annoying! They do not even think before they talk! Sighs, all they know is to judge and judge! Maybe they should be a lawyer when they grow up! -.- 

Alright darlings, it's time for me to go but don't worry, I'll be back soon yeah :p Hmms, it's currently mid-night and I don't feel tired ~ Should I watch a show? Yes, I probably should! Hmms, take care guys and keep on reading my blog! You know I love you  

- Kimberley 

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