Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Another Tuesday.

One lesson that I've learnt is to treasure your friends. Recently there was an even that happened to me that had a really great impact on my life. I was somehow fighting with a friend of mine and it was  really mentally draining. However, after all that we made up and now our friendship is stronger than before and that's all that matters! I was really happy that I didn't lose this friend and if I did I would probably be blogging about some emo crap right now! 

S N A P,    S N A P,    S N A P 

 Yes I know this is a really short updated but just know that I'll try my very best to blog more often! Sighs, I'm officially grounded and I'm pretty upset about it but of well, parents will forever be parents! I guess I'll just have to be a good girl these few days and hope they will allow me out for a super duper awesome Sunday with my friends ~ 

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