Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's June Baby

Happy June everyone! I honestly hope June has not betrayed your trust yet because somehow it already has betrayed mine. To be honest, I feel like June is going to suck so bad but I'm just clinging on to that hope that June will improve ~ 

The cut the long story short = parents. 

Alright before I say anything about them, I want to say that if there are people out there judging me about how I treat my parents, Shut the hell up. You do not even know what is happening in my life and you have no position to judge. God said if you didn't judge you won't get judged so yes don't get pissed if someone judges you -.- Come on, you're not me so don't think you know every single detail of my life. Thanks ^^ 

I was suppose to be running at this very moment but my parents didn't allow me to go because I came home late last night! WOW like you didn't when you were younger! Okay, I don't want to talk about the late issue because I guess they were kind of right but then they went on talking about my Thyroid. It's some medical condition that I have - Hyper Thyroid. It's complicated to explain but you can research if you want too ~ 

Anyway to continue, they started telling me that I was not normal and I was sick and all that. Okay no 1, if you are a sick person you still have feelings and it kinda sucks to hear that you're not normal. No 2. The feelings sucks a 1000 times more when it's coming for your own parents! How wonderful must that have felt ~ TOTALLY AMAZING RIGHT? 

Sighs, I guess I would never get to live the life that I want to! Yes I know they are concerned for me as parents but I think they need to think of my feelings sometimes. I cannot stand it when they just say whatever they like because the think their my parents and can just say whatever they want. You know what? If you want respect, earn it. 

P I C T U R E   T I M E 

XoXo, Kimberley 

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