Sunday, 17 June 2012

I'm missing camp!

P O S T   C A M P    S Y N D R O M E 
It only has been 3 days after the camp but it feels like it has been a week. This feeling got me thinking and I realized that when our life comes back to the norm, nothing really changes. In fact all the problems suddenly comes back and hits us right in the face. However, the only thing that has changed is our minds and hearts.

I got to admit that at this point, I'm trying really hard to fight it. I'm trying to fight all the negative thoughts that floods my head. I know it's very natural to feel that way but since I know I'm free, I shouldn't fear as I know I have God. We all know that God will be there but sometimes is really hard to fully believe it. I have been there but now I'm gonna trust God. I tired to rely on other people, may it be my friends or parents, but they somehow failed one way or another. However, since I know that God is the only thing that will remain when all else fade one day, I'll choose to put my total trust in him. As much as I want to spend forever in camp, I know it's not possible! :( I know this is where the test happens but all I have now is GOD, Churchies and people in school. All I have to do is hold on to that and never ever let it go ~ To be honest, church peeps never meant so much to me but now everything has changed and I know for sure they're the people I can trust and count on!  

XoXo, Kimberley 

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