Monday, 11 June 2012

This is me

After living 16 years of my life. I've finally learnt something. This lesson is rather personal but from today on, I've decided to find myself. I got to admit that this 16 years of my life was filled with moments of "I wanna be like her", "Why is she so pretty?" and "I'm not good enough"

However, after what has happened, I think it's really time to find what defines me. I never really understood Kimberley Yong from the start but from today on, I'm gonna discover myself and going to prove to myself that I'm better than this. I know this might not make any sense to some of you but I just hope you can see where I'm coming from. I'm changing for the better. Yesterday will not be a day I'll forget but it will be a day that I'll always remember. There were good and bad memorize from yesterday, but all those memorize will be something I can learn from. 

I T S    A     B E A U T I F U L    B E G I N N I N G

To all my friends out there:
I'm sorry for disappointing you over and over again.
 I'm sorry for breaking your trust.
 I know I ought to be shot but from today on, I'll be a better person. 
I'll not do whatever I did again. 
I promise.
 I hope you can give me one more chance to prove myself. 
I hope that you'll be there with me through all this. 
Thank you for not leaving me. 
Thank you for tell me I'm better than this. 
Thank you for caring. 
Thank you for nagging at me. 
Thank you for your support. 
And lastly, Thank you for loving me. 

From today, I'll not be the Kimberley Yong you guys used to know but I'll be someone that you'll be proud of to call your friend. 
I know I'll get there but all I ask from you guys is one more chance.