Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wild Ride.

And when I look into the mirror now, I see a completely different girl. I might not be that angel everyone knows anymore but I'm not a little devil either. Nobody is perfect and we got to accept our mistakes and flaws in order learn from them. Recently, my life has been like a TV drama and I'm really drained from it. It was my fault to begin with, I'm not going to deny. I know I'm responsible for what I did but I'm just so sick and tired of everyone nagging at me when I'll I need is some comfort. I know it's too much to ask for as I was in the wrong but I just needed a few days grace to calm down. I really needed space. I'm sorry. 

I   W A N N A   S T A R T   A G A I N 

I'm feel really sorry to my readers as I know you guys are like really lost and have no idea about what I'm talking about. However, just know that I'll tell you guys over time alright? Anyway, I've been really thinking about what I like to do and I realized that I have an interest in blogging. I really like expressing myself and I would be more than happy if my experience help someone out there. As of today, I'll try and blog about a wider range of things and not just my life. Fashion, Food, you name it. It would be really great if you guys can go to my fromspring and leave me a note on what you want me to blog about! (; 

Before I go, I would like to thank all my readers once again. I know my blog is not the best blog you have seen but give me some time and I'll make my blog a much better one to read. I'm going to change my header of my blog from my picture to my name really soon and I really hope you guys are looking forward to that. Keep on reading and I promise you, I'll not disappoint you. You know I love you guys! 

"And when I'm alone, my heart likes to wonder"


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