Friday, 20 July 2012

The Perfect Fairytale

T H A T   S H I T    F E E L I N G  

You know that feeling when you're really scared to loose something you really like? Yeah, I guess we all know how that feels. For a child it might be a toy, but somehow as you grow, that toy starts to change into things like maybe a phone or a person.

G R O W I N G    U P 

 As for me, I never really knew how it felt until I started to grow up. Growing up gave me a lot of experiences and as I got to meet people, I started to understand that not everyone would be there forever. Being in a girls school for 10 years now had gotten me to know a lot of girlfriends. Many of which would be there for me if I needed them to. However, there will still be a certain group of people that wouldn't bother. Guys were not really in the picture during my Primary school days but after hitting my teens, guys started to surface into my life. There are a few guy friends I made that stay till today but there were many that are now forgotten. Many of them whom I'm not even talking to at all now. It's really funny how something or someone can just walk out of your life within weeks, months or even years. 

Hmmms, I'm sure some of you might get my point of what I'm trying to say here. Yes, I'm really sick of guys coming in and out of my life like I'm some damn toy. I'm so sick of being used and played with. To be honest, there wasn't a good one. There wasn't anyone that would bother about me. They never truly cared. All they wanted was pleasure or attention. Looking back, I kinda wonder why I even spent so much time on them? Ewww. What a time waster. Ugh! Anyway, after all that happened, my impression of guys changed and I had trust issues. I found it really hard to believe the 3 words all of them like say to girls. The sweet talks didn't mean anything to me anymore. Nothing really mattered. I had this mindset for the longest time ever and I swore I would not get into a relationship till I was in Junior Collage. But then, everything changed.... 

T H A T     P E R F E C T    S O M E O N E 

Someone came into my life. Yes you read it right. Someone came into my life and my life turned 360 degrees around. Till now, it's pretty crazy to believe that I'm actually not single anymore! I wake up every morning with someone on my mind and all I want to do is care for that person. It's a pretty amazing feeling and it's even more amazing when the person is doing the same too! Hmms, of course it wouldn't be perfect but as long as we work things out and never stop trying we will make it to the end.

 I recently watched a video titled "Strangers Again" and I realized that being in a relationship will only lead you to two paths. A breakup, or a marriage. I know it's too early for me to talk about marriage being 16 but I'll never want to leave the person I'm in love with right now. I guess many might not believe that we will end up married but it's possible. Fairy-tales still exist, you just have to find your way though the deep woods. That day when he goes down on one knee, you'll know that all you have been though together all these years was worth it. However, I got to agree that the fear of breaking up will still there but as long as we give it our all, I know it will be a happy ending eventually. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Hmms, I'm really hoping this isn't just another one of those relationships for I know I made the right choice this time. A one that will last forever.

"There will never come a day where our hearts stop beating for each other"

XoXo, Kimberley 

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