Saturday, 25 August 2012

Signs of the stars

Do horoscopes really define your personality? 

Hello everyone, I recently spent my days thinking about something I never really paid much attention too - Horoscope Signs. I believe many people out there believe in horoscope signs as it can be seen from the numerous amounts of retweets from people on Twitter. When talking about horoscopes, there are also many characteristics and traits about a particular horoscope that makes it special and unique. Reading these horoscopes can be rather interesting at times but I sometimes do wonder if these so claim traits of a horoscope are actually true. 

Personally, I am an Aquarius and if you go on Twitter, there are a 1001 things you can find about an Aquarius. For example, one of a characteristic an Aquarius have is the tendency to care to much and over think. For that I have to say, I agree. However, don't everyone over think? Don't every star sign over think? I know many people from different star signs and many of them do over think many thing in their lives as well. As such, characteristics like these can't be solely for an Aquarius as this would then fall into a bigger picture called human characteristics right? Correct me if I'm not making any sense here but this is what I honestly feel. Don't get me wrong, I am one who regularly read horoscope signs and think about them but what I'm trying to say here is that is everything I read really true or are the traits they so claim ours just a universal thing. 

Another reason why I want to talk about star signs is because many people use it when looking for love. Love is such a beautiful thing but many people my age tend to want to look for a star sign that they read would be a perfect match to theirs. Thus, I feel that we are letting these signs control us instead. Maybe one can ignore the sayings and go ahead in a relationship with someone or a star sign you know you cannot click with. However, the thought of you and him not being compatible among the stars will constantly be in your mind.. Eventually this would serve as an excuse to break off when you can't stand each other or when things just can't work out. As such, this isn't love anymore. We should not care if we are a perfect match in our horoscopes as when two are in love, both parties have a role to play in making the effort to tolerate and understand each other. In addition, people also say that if two are of the same star signs they would be able to get along really well but looking back at my on life, I am pretty sure I fell out with people who were of the same star sign as I am. Therefore what dose this prove? 

Well maybe you can call this over thinking on something so small but this was just a thought that came to my head. Trust me I didn't spend nights thinking about this. This all happened within 2 mins in my brain but typing it out just made it seem so much longer! I really want to know your views on this guys but if you really do believe in horoscopes out there, way to go! I'm not saying anything against it but I want to know if these things are actually wort believing in. If I offended anyone, I would want to say that I am truly sorry but if you feel that I am wrong you can feel free to point out your views on this! (: 

XoXo, Kimberley 

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