Friday, 3 August 2012

Speech Day

And after a year of hard work, I finally got recognition. No, do not be mistaken. I'm not boasting about my prize, I'm just merely happy that my hard work actually paid off (Y) Well if you guys are lost, my school celebrated our 170th Speech Day Ceremony today and prizes were given out to students based on the students academic achievements. Many prizes ranging from "Top In Class, Subject and Levels" were given out. I however, manage to receive an award for Top In Principles Of Accounts, 2011. Apart from the certificate, I also received a $25 Kinokuniua Gift Voucher (:

Receiving this award has served as a motivation to me and it will be a constant reminder that a person's hard work will eventually lead to success. Hence, I have decided that I will put in my 100% effort and strive to be the best I can be not only in my studies but as a person on the whole. 

S C H O O L   L I F E 

Life in school has been pretty amazing and classes are getting rather interesting now a days. The year has been great so far and my oh my I got to say time really flies. It's August already? Wow, it just felt like January awhile ago. Well I guess I got to start preparing for my End-Of-Year Examinations already! Hmms, one of the most stressful periods of a student's life. Wish me all the best of luck guys, I really do need it! Work has been piling on and lessons are getting more intense. I honestly have to work out my time really well from now on. I do hope I'll have sufficient time to revise and complete what I want to accomplish. Alright, enough of all the boring stuff. Here are some photos I took during Chemistry lesson and speech day today! 

S M I L E     F O R    T H E     C A M E R A 

Before I end, I would like to thank all the teachers that have guided me so far in my Secondary school life. You guys really made me who I am today. I would also like to encourage everyone that your hard work will eventually pay off so keep on striving and do not give up! Believe in yourself and always remember to preserve even when the going gets rough! Good night and have a great weekend. TGIF ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

XoXo, Kimberley 

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