Friday, 31 August 2012

Study Date


 It's finally the September holidays! Seriously, you guys have no idea how thankful am I for this short break! With so many thing going on in my life, I really need this break to rest, study and relax. CCA and school has been so hectic and it's driving me insane ~ ~  Anyway, I had a rather productive "study date" with Michelle today!  We decided to study in town, as always, and we met at about 3pm for our "study date," 

I did accomplish many things during the "study date" as I manage to finish all the matrices worksheet my math teacher gave me today! (Y) I honestly never thought this "study date" would turn out so productive but I guess it did (: and I'm a happygirl96 now! I'm also a little relief that some of my holiday homework is now done and off my shoulders! Phew, now all I have to do is to just push myself a bit more to complete the remaining work I have! ^^ 

After studying Michelle and I went to 313 to have our dinner! Being hungry pigs, we decided to have "Carrot Cake" for dinner! It was really yummy and thinking about it now is still making me crave! Hehehehe! We then headed to Scape to check out the flea after we were done with dinner! I got to say it's still the same old stuff there but despite that we still looked around. After browsing through the items, we went up to the hub to chill and hang out! At the hub, we started taking pictures and we practically spammed my phone! (: 

It was really a very fun day for Michelle and I and we really enjoyed ourselves! It was the fist time me and Michelle went out alone but I'm sure this would not be our last <3 Hehehe! I really love this girl so much ^^ Now, here are the many photos we took! Warning: There are many un-glam photos so please don't judge! Enjoy (: 


And there you have it the many photos we took together! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and if you did, rate it at the bottom below! (: Before I go, I would like to wish all those who are taking their N Level's all the best of luck! I really do hope you guys can all do well. Study hard and never give up!  

XoXo, Kimberley 

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