Saturday, 29 September 2012

3 Papers Down.

Olla! The End-Of-Year Examinations have officially begun I've cleared 3 papers so far. English Paper 1, 2 and Social Studies were the 3 papers I took today. I was pretty nervous for my English but I think I did alright on the whole. Social Studies also went rather well as what I studied came out and I was able to remember all the necessary information I needed to answer the questions (Y) H E A L T H C A R E 

Well, it's the weekends once again and I've loads of work and mugging to do and finish! You will constantly find me studying and honestly, I have no idea how I'll be able to survive in a JC, if I were to get in. I feel like I'm going to collapse anytime soon! Oh my, I really can't wait for all of this to be over! I wanna party so bad :( 

(Beatrice and Me) 

Due to my boring life rn, I really have nothing much to blog about. Therefore, this blog post would majority be filled with pictures! Sorry! 

As for today, I headed down to town with my friend, Michelle, to study, relax and chill out. We had a mini heart-to-heart session while drinking Starbucks at "Cathay" before ending off the day with a little window shopping at Scape! Looking at all the items made me really horrible as there are like a million things I want but sadly can't afford :( I'm currently a broke girl and I think I would be looking for a job to earn some cash during the holidays! I hope I can get a job though. I mean would anyone wanna hire? Man, being only 16 really sucks. 

M O O N C A K E S 

Omg guys, is it just me or is everyone obsessed with eating mooncakes right now! This is always my favorite part of the lantern festival celebrations in Singapore and I'm always looking forward to this time of the year every year. Hehehehe! I personally love the snow-skin flavored ones but eating the original with yolk inside is as yummy as well. Oh my, I think I'm addicted to this ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Back to today, I headed home to meet Agnes for supper at "Rocher Beancud" after leaving town at about 9.30pm! Supper was super filling and till now, my stomach is still bloated from all the food. Oh my, I feel as if I'm gonna explode. I have been eating too much recently and hence, it's definitely time to cut down :( No more snacking and junk food for me in the next one week :( However, my cravings were finally satisfied and I'm pretty much a happy girl now! 

Hmms, that's about it for today and with this, I would like to wish everyone a great weekend ahead. For those who are taking exams, I would like to wish you all the best and I hope you weekend would be a productive one! Don't give up and keep on pushing on. After all, we're all in this together. Lastly, take care, keep smiling and you know I Love You. 

A wink for you. (Michelle and Me) 

One day, when we are older, Michelle and I would move in and stay together in our own small apartment. We would then be able have the time of our lives and no one would control us anymore! By that time, St Margaret's would be a memory and we would have long left the school. We will be pursuing dreams of our own instead, focusing on our own individual lives. Upon reaching home, we will have a mini gossip session about the many things that happened during our day, sharing our daily experiences. Hehehehe. This was the perfect plan we came up with while we were at Starbucks this afternoon! Pretty cool huh?

OOTD: Thursday: 

OOTD: Friday 

XoXo, Kimberley  ♥ ♥

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