Sunday, 23 September 2012

4 more days.

Omg guys, I swear am so screwed for my exams :( I just realize how little time I have left and I honestly ought to be shot rn because I'm still blogging. Okay, whatever! I'll just study after I'm done with this post (: 

OOTD: Saturday 

Alright, my weekend was pretty normal this week and I'm rather thankful that I had some time to rest and hangout with my friends. Like every Saturday morning, I woke up and early and headed out for my POA tuition at 9.30am! After tuition I did some rather productive studying and I got quite a lot work done before going down to town for dinner with my classmate, Kimbella! As usual, my outfit was a headache but as I was studying I decided to wear something causal and simple so please don't judge me :( 

While walking around in town with Kimbella, I saw Sammi and Rachel at scape! Omg, I was super excited to see them as I really missed Sammi so dang much! Sigh, I really wish I was staying with her :( She has always been such a sweetie to me and she's forever there for me when I need her. I really treasure her as a friend and I love her a lot. I hope she dose well in her upcoming examinations and I can't wait to party and have the time of my life with her after our exams <3 Sammi, I know you  can do it. Don't give up dear! 


As for today, I spent most of the day studying! I was actually suppose to head out with Sammi and Rachel again but because I could not get a change of timing for my tuition, I couldn't make it :( Oh well, I guess there's always a next time. 

Anyway, I left my house for church at around 10am to collect my e-dictionary from my friend in church. After which, I went to Nex to do some studying on my own and at about 12.15pm, I left Nex for my Chinese tuition. After tuition, I headed home to meet Agnes and we walked down to "Scoopz" at Thompson Road for some ice-cream and studying. It was pretty productive I have to say but as we were both tired, we didn't really study for long. Maybe an hour or two? 

Sigh. Counting down to the exams, I'm feeling really nervous and I really hope I can get everything done before Friday. I'm in a panic mode right now and I'm just praying for the best. I honestly think I will die if this continues for too long. Oh my, I just want the 11 of October to come as soon as possible. Hehehe, I'll be a free bird then (Y) EXCITED 

OOTD: Sunday 

Alright that's about it for today and I hope you've enjoyed my blog post. I'll try to updated my blog regularly but please understand if I don't have time to. All the best for your exams and never give up. 
I love you guys ♥ ♥ ♥ 

XoXo, Kimberley 

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