Friday, 21 September 2012


Helloooooo! F R I D A Y is finally here and it's the weekend once again. On the whole, this week flew by pretty fast and I was really busy catching up with my revision and work. Nothing really interesting happened this week and so I don't really have much to blog about. I can say that at this point in time, my life is rather boring but I'll try my best to make this post as interesting as possible! 

Being a Friday, I'm sure you guys would be expecting me to go out and have fun but "NO" I did not. Instead, I spent my whole afternoon studying at Serangoon - NEX. It was really a productive study session and I'm very happy of what I managed to accomplish during that time! Claps for me! 

Here's my OOTD 

If you guys know me well enough, you would know that I'm a big lover for coffee. As such, coffee is a must to have when I'm studying and since I was studying at MosBurger, I decided to buy their "Iced Coffee" to try it out. Hmmms, I got to say that it tasted rather bitter and even though I added milk to make it more milky, it still tasted weird. I honestly do not if it was the coffee that was weird or it was just me. Oh well, if any of you think the coffee at MosBurger taste funny as well, please feel free to tell me. At least then I know I'm not alone! Hehehehe. 

As I was starving myself for the whole day due to a busy schedule, I decided to give myself a dinner treat. After walking around thinking of what to have, KFC and Ice-Cream looked really tempting! Anyway, I ate so much at one go that I felt like I was going to explode. Seriously, that was probably not a smart move but I guess I'll just have to sleep a little later tonight to wait for the food to digest! I ate snackers from KFC and had Authentic Japanese Ice-Cream for dessert! Sounds pretty cool huh? I choose "GreenTea" as the flavor for my Ice-Cream as that was I was craving at that moment. It turned out to be amazingly yummy, just as I expected so no regrets on that (: 

Photo of my yummy dinner: 

Andddddd thats's about it for this post. I know it was pretty short but I hope I'll have more updates during the weekend. Once again, I would like to wish everyone all the best in their upcoming EOY examinations. I really hope you all can do well and once it is over, we all can have the time of our lives together. Lastly, don't give up and remember that everything you do is going to be worth it. Take care & God Bless. 

XoXo, Kimberley  

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