Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The final lap.

Hey guys,  here's a really short update before the start of my exams this Friday! Omg. I'm freaking out rn.

 Joanne, the girl that finally has "Whatsapp" 

Anyway, school has been hectic as usual and I'm going insane doing all my last minute revision for all my subjects. I honestly want to kill myself for not starting earlier but oh well, who else can I blame? This week has been alright so far and I have been doing nothing but studying. I know it's really nerdy and all but don't worry guys, I promise you'll see the fun side of me after my exams ^^ Do expect loads of updates and photos once my holiday begins! I totally can foresee myself going out and having so much fun with all my friends. Man, the thought of it is getting me excited already! ~ CAN'T WAIT ~ I'll definitely be spaming my blog with all those amazing photos and there's no doubt about that  <3 

H A P P Y     B I R T H D A Y    T A M A R A 

Well before I go, I would like to once again wish you guys all the best of luck in your exams! I really hope you all will do your best and get the results you desire! I might not be updating my blog as often but I'll make time during the weekends to update a post or two! Ohhh yes! Before I forget, have you guys noticed the new layout? Do you think it's nicer now? Do give me comments on what you think alright? Hehehe.

Oh how much I love her. She's always there for me, my dearest Agnes! 

To my girls: I really want to thank you all for always being there for me. You guys have no idea how important you all mean to me. Agnes, Tzeann, Michelle, Hanna, Kristine, Joanne, Desiree, Gen and many more, thank you for always putting up with my PMS-ing in class! You guys know I didn't mean to piss you off. Hehehe, I cannot wait for prom and I'm sure we will have the time of our lives. I'm really sorry I didn't do individual dedications for all of you guys but I will at the end of the year so wait for that! <3 Lastly, keep on pushing yourselves and let's all do well together. I LOVE YOU GIRLS  

OOTD: Wednesday 

XoXo, Kimberley 

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