Friday, 12 October 2012


F R E E D O M 

Helloooooo! Yes guys, it's finally over (Y) My exams have officially ended and I'm free to party my life away! Okay, I was kidding but whatever is it, I'm a free girl now! Woohoo, the stress of the exams are all now gone and I finally can have time for myself and my friends. Oh how much I missed them ~ 

After Amath paper today, I went to Lido to watch a movie with my girls (: Man, it had been so long since we last went out and I was really excited to meet them! We watched a pretty meaningful movie - which I would probably blog about in my next post - but as of now, I'm not going to go in no the details of the movie. After the movie ended, we headed town to Cathy to buy your USS tickets which we will be all going together for on the 19th of October for Halloween (Y) Hehehe, I can't wait for it. I bet we're gonna have so much fun on that day! Anyway, it was around 4.45pm at that time and as we were all tired, we went back to Scape and sat there for the rest of the day talking and catching up with one another! We talked about loads of stuff but i guess I'll just let the pictures do the talking ^^ 

I guess they are a group of girls that I hold really dearly to my heart. I know that no matter happens, I can rely on them for help. I know that they always got my back and my secrets would be very safe with them. I really thank God for putting me these people in my life as I really wouldn't have any idea how to survive without them. They're always so sweet and caring but many times, I know I let them down. I'm pretty capable of doing stupid things that make them angry most of the time but I know deep down, they were angry cause they cared. I believe that they just wanted the best for me. <3 I know that they would never leave me and when everyone walks away, they will still be there for me, cheering me on.

I then met up with Veronica and my bro for dinner and we had a great time as well. We talked about loads of things and I sure did learn many things from the talk. Well I guess, I matured a little and I learnt more about myself as well. I'll not get into the details about finding myself and all that as that would be in another post but for now, I'm really thankful that I have people in my life that are there to advice me as I walk this journey. Somehow, my life has pretty much gone back into normal but I still haven't found that one thing that keeps me going. I guess it would take sometime but I'm sure I'll find it one day. 

My Awesome Dinner 

" One day, I'll understand it all. The answers to the many questions in my head." 

XoXo, Kimberley 

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