Friday, 12 October 2012

Ice skating


Guess who finally Ice Skated today? Hehehe, I cannot contain my excitement right now everyone! I finally went Ice Skating with Tina and Adelle today (Y) However, according to my cousins, I've Ice Skated before but since I was really young then, I complete have no memory of that moment. Hence, I shall consider this my first time Ice Skating.


 Tina, Adelle and I met at Jcube at about 1pm and we headed straight to the ring for some skating. It was really fun and oh my gosh guys, you know what? I fell down once! Hahahaha! It was pretty epic but no worries, I'm just fine. The ring was rather packed and I felt really restricted and I couldn't really skate around freely. I had to constantly avoid people and many of them were hold hands while skating which was a little annoying. I'm sorry. On the whole, it was really enjoyable and I'm starting to fall in love with Ice Skating now! I really wish I could go down more often to skate but since I'm always so busy, it would be really hard :(  Sigh. Why are there so many things I wanna do but always have no time for it? Someone tell me. 

We finished skating around 2.45pm and we went to have our lunch as I was starving from all that skating! After which we sat down, chilled and talked about life. It was pretty interesting when we came to out favorite topic (Y) Winks * I'm sure Tina and Adelle would know what I'm talking about! After we were done and read to move our lazy butts out of the chair we walked around Jcube looking at the stores and did some window shopping! We were all worn out by that time and at around 5pm three of us headed for home. But, being girls, we couldn't leave without taking photos! So here's our mini photo session for you! Enjoy (: 

"We are alive and in this moment, we are infinite"

XoXo, Kimberley 

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