Tuesday, 1 January 2013

01. Happy New Year

It's finally 2013. 

Due to the major exams we'll be taking this year, I'm sure some of you might not be looking forward to 2013. However, I on the other hand is pretty excited for this year. Firstly, I'm turning 17 years old in 20 days and secondly, it's my senior year in school (Y) Well, besides the annoying fact that 5N1 did not get the air-conditioned class, like we were supposed to, I'm kinda looking forward to everything that 2013 has to bring. Tomorrow marks the start of my long race to the finish line! I'm ready to run and I believe that through hard work and determination, everything is possible! 


 Being New Year's Eve last night, I had my countdown party at my friend's house and I swear, it was hands down the best countdown I 've had in my life. There were about 25 people at the house party and we finished about 8 bottles of alcohol. (Y) NO! I wasn't piss drunk till the extend of puking but I clearly remember I could not walk straight. Anyway, dancing was a must and I sure had loads fun grooving to the beat! At midnight, everyone went crazy and we welcomed in the new year with a bang. Party poppers were popped and we just danced till we dropped. It was insane but honestly, I'll do anything to re-live that moment again.

My Love - 01012013 ♥ 


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