Monday, 25 February 2013

12. Night Sky

As I sat by the Sky Park of Vivo City on Saturday, many thoughts ran through my mind. 

Looking at the buildings across, I start to wonder how many hands have came together 
to build that masterpiece. I think about how what I see in front of me now all came from an idea.
I think about how that idea became a sketch, and from that sketch to reality. 

As I scanned across the Sky Park that night, I saw many different people.
Each one of them having their own story. 
I then wonder how many of them are like me. 
I wonder how many of them would want their story to be told. 
And how beautiful each story would be like.

When I look at Zampage,  I somehow finally understand what it means to be yourself among people. 
What it means to be in a group where no one judges you, no matter what you do.
Being able to be so free & confident. And most importantly,
 being able to be loved like you're part of their family. 

As I looked up into the sky, I felt as though every star that I saw represented each 
dream that I used to have. It felt as if it all came back to life.
It felt as if it did not want to be forgotten. 
It felt as if I needed to make them reality. 

That night, I wondered into a World of my own.
To places I've never been before. 
I just couldn't stop thinking. 
It was a feeling of inspiration.
A feeling so magical. 
A feeling of me, being alive.

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