Friday, 12 April 2013

25. Morning Conversation.

 So he said this to me...

 " There aren't many Tom Anderson or Richard Heckmann out there who can be successful even though they were dropouts. Therefore, don't you even think you would have a chance like them. Do you know how many out there who are dropouts that are wasting their lives away on the streets? Do you want to be like them?" 

And I then I replied in my head...

"No, I do not think I am like them. Firstly, reason being that there is only one of each person on this Earth. As such your sentence of there aren't many Tom Anderson is already wrong to begin with. How can there be many of him when there is only one of him in actual fact? Secondly, I'm not a dropout, so how am I in any way following in their footsteps? Thirdly, who said I want to be like them? I'm Kimberley Yong and I'm not going to be anyone but myself. They have their story and so do I. And Lastly, why are you so afraid to believe that you are special? I have enough courage to trust that I am, why not you?" 

And that was the end of the conversation who's answer never really got to the other party in actual fact.