Thursday, 25 April 2013

27. The day I triumph (Journal Entry)

Today, I will be introducing a new segment into my blog called "Journal"
This segment basically acts exactly like a journal as it will comprise of the different journal entities I have written in school. 
In addition, some entries are actually shorts stories that I have came up with myself, thus wanting to share it with all of you. 
Hence, to start off, today's topic or tittle is .... 

" The day I triumph" 

" My efforts. My hard work My goals come true.
That would be the day I'll be looking forward to. 
I imagine myself standing on that stage, 
to receive an award as "best director" some day. 

That feeling of accomplishment would make so complete. 
Which would fill me up with joy that will never cease. 
But when will I feel this sensation inside?
Will my dreams come true for me, this life? " 

As I looked down at the poem I wrote, my hands traced across every written word. 

"Will it happen?" I thought to myself. 

"Maybe?" I answered.

"Maybe not?" I questioned. 

That night, I was in a state of confusion. I didn't know where I was in life. I was like a lost child. However,  there was something, something really strong was building up inside of me and I could feel it. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes. As the silence took over, my mind wondered to the scenes of my poem. Before me I saw my dream. 
The stage, the crowd, the lights. 

It when then, I knew. 
I knew I had to fight. 
I knew it wasn't going to be easy. 
I knew that one day my dreams would turn to reality and everything that I've been through would be all worth it. 

It would be the day I triumph. 

- 25/05/2013

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  1. While reading the entry, my english might not be that good but i couldnt help but spot some wrong sentence structure and some tense errors. It confuses me whether it was in the present or in the past. However, i love the style of some of the sentences structure!!! i suggest changing some of the errors like tenses,the structure and this journal entry would be fantastic! :) good job btw :]

    1. Hey thanks for your feedback :) Do you mind telling me which are the parts you feel that are wrong? I can't seem to spot my mistake!