Sunday, 12 May 2013

28. A Bittersweet Concoction

2010 - That was the year my love for coffee started. After being officially introduced to Starbucks by my friend, coffee became a great part of my life. Before that first visit, I knew of Starbucks existence, of course, but I never really paid close attention to it. Thinking back, I never thought that one sip would start me off into a whole new journey of my love for coffee, but it did. And now, though I can't remember what my first Starbucks order was, that was definitely not my last.  Ever since then, going to Starbucks became a weekly routine and over time, I craved it more and more. I couldn't comprehend how coffee could attract me so much but I guess, that was the magic it had.

 That underlining seduction.  That little tinge of elegance.  That bittersweet concoction 

Today, my blog will yet again be starting a new segment called "A Bittersweet Concoction". In this segment, I will be sharing and posting photos of the different coffee drinks I have tired. This would not be only subjected to Starbucks but coffee in general. I do not know how many of you out there are coffee lovers like I am but I really hope the joy of coffee would be made know to you through this segment. I look forward to the tasting of coffee from different countries & cultures, which I will be doing and documenting to share my views and thoughts with you guys after my O's! 

Do like or comment on these posts if you are a coffee lover as well <3 Seriously, I would really want to get to know all of you better! If you have any questions on what I like to drink or a suggestion on places I can check out, feel free to post them to my ❤ ❤ ❤ 

White Chocolate Mocha 
Wholegrain Bagel 


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