Thursday, 16 May 2013

36. Weird Coffee

W E I R D     C O F F E E 

Honest review guys, this taste really weird. I don't know how many of you might have tired this before but this "Iced Coffee Drink" just taste a little too sweet, with an overloading amount of milk. Though I agree that most bottled coffee would taste a little different when comparing to let's say - Starbucks - but really, this one is way too sweet. 

I feel like it was not exactly worth $2.50 but I guess it's the experience that counts. 

Anyway, it was a stay at home day for me today and I really didn't do anything much! Thinking about tmr, or the next two weeks for that matter isn't going to be very exciting as well! :( It is officially going to be the start of my Chinese intensive and I end school at about 5pm daily! However, as much as I want it to end, I'm really scared for my O's! Chinese is the one subject I cannot pass! Guys, please wish me luck, I really want to do well, sigh......I hate this feeling, ugh. 


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