Sunday, 19 May 2013

39. Cafe Latte

Feeling adventurous last Friday night, I decided to try the "Iced" Cafe Latte from Starbucks! Being a girl that hands down chooses hot coffee over iced, this try was definitely an exciting experience for me! Still sticking to my usual non-fat milk order, I ordered a cup of coffee and walked anxiously back to my seat. 

G O I N G     I C E D 

Taking the first sip, I felt that the Iced Cafe Latte was a pretty tasty drink overall. Weirdly however, there was something about the drink that made me feel like sipping it bit by bit instead of gulping it down - which is something that I would normally do. Therefore, I was quite surprised when the drink actually lasted longer on my table in comparison to the times when I drink my coffee hot. Hmms, I wonder why ...... but I like it ;) 

Also, while I was drinking, I suddenly came to realize how little my orders come from the espresso section of the menu. Hence, starting from today, I shall make a conscious effort in trying to order drinks from that selection!!!!
Stay-tune for more post to come. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

If this too is one of your favorite regulars at Starbucks, comment and let me know :) 
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