Sunday, 26 May 2013

43. Friday, Saturday & 1 Cute Moment.

So, I started off my Friday with a morning run and here's a photo to remind myself that I need to work so much harder if I want that beach body ready figure by summer! I seriously need to get that VS line. I just can't accept anything less.... :( 

After which, I headed down to Thompson Plaza, my regular study place,

  and had a study session with Kelly. But of course we had to take some photos before we could part ways so, here's is our camera roll below. 

K E L L Y   &   K I M B E R L E Y 

And as I was feeling down last night, I really just couldn't help but post an "emo" picture of me. However apart from that, I want to that this chance say a big thank you to all those who were concern and asked me on my or contacted me via anywhere possible to ask if I was okay! Good news is that it is all good now and everything is back to normal <3 <3 <3 Important lesson learnt though, treasure the people you love. 

Despite the happy ending, I'm still stressing out. 
I can't believe how fast the days are passing my I'm honestly so worried about my Chinese O's. 
I cannot do badly..... 

Starbucks - Cafe Latte 

Me crashing my boyfriend's camp. 

Overall, my Friday and Saturday went pretty well and I'm glad I survived it. The upcoming post will be on a new video Zampage did and my regular "series" updates! I hope you are looking forward to seeing all of those and if you do have any questions, post them to - - but if not, I talk to you guys real soon, take care! 

Oh and love, that moment when you switched off the lights in the lift just to kiss me, that was so cute. 
That makes it one more thing I can strike off my bucketlist on the list of cute things I want to do ;) 
I love you so much my prince, or should I say King? 


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