Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Thoughts Diary


I'm sorry for everything. 
For not being a good daughter. 

For not being able to be little angel anymore. 
Everyday, I try, but fail.
I let you down time and time again. 

I'm worried for the future but I try to stay positive. 
I'm uncertain of so many things. 
All the questions just fill me up everyday. 

I don't think I live a normal life. 
Mine's full of drama. 
My girls would know. 
The madness. The Secrets. The Craziness
It's pretty overwhelming. 

I know I'm only 17 but I'm already starting to settle. 
I know S is the one.
Thus, marriage isn't that far away. 

I don't think I can handle the stress now though
but I know I'm going to fight it.
I'll push myself to aim for the best and live the life I want to. 
It's really hard but, I guess it's worth the while. 

I don't know what is to come but 
I guess, it's time to leave it to God.
Or faith. 
Or life itself. 

With everyday I wake up with a smile.
S once told me 
"Life so too short to fear"
So for whatever it takes, I'm gonna trust it. 
Cause as long as we're together, I know,
It's all going to be okay...


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