Friday, 14 June 2013

56. Another Post

Hey all, today's post is going to be about my questions. 

Firstly, to the person who is posting as my "ex" and "bff", here's what I got to say.

For faking my ex - Do you really think you can make me believe that it is him? I mean, it has been so long ago and I know for sure that all the feelings have already faded by now. Whatever we have currently is just friendship, nothing more or less. Hence, I really hope you can stop posting as him because by doing so, you're not respecting yourself or him for that matter.

For faking my bff - Why are you even posting as Kelly? I appreciate how you told me to stay strong but why are you imposing her? I really don't understand what you can get out of this. 

Secondly, the kinky questions have been increasing recently and though I have nothing much to say about it, I just want to let you guys know that I wouldn't mind giving advice on relationships, or what sweet/kinky/cute things you can do for your partner. However, as much as you can, please don't make it about me and start asking about my virginity or whether I shave or what not. 

(1) - Why do you want to know about my private life? 
(2) - It's gross not to keep your southern hemisphere clean! 

An example of an advice question I would be more than willing to help! 

An example of something I hope I can see less of. 
If you know me well enough, you would know. 

Lastly guys, do I dress like I'm 12 years old? Seriously, I need some opinion here! Some anon commented this about me and I'm a little speechless. I mean the hate about me being a bitch I can accept but this is way over the line .... :( 

Here are some of my outfits. 
Please tell me you don't agree with her!

 But of course there are the many sweethearts that always have my back ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you so much guys, whoever you are! Love ya

Plus the sweet comments about me and Steve

Alright, I don't really wish to go on anymore but, I just hope the people who are imposing my friends will stop. I will appreciate it, thank you :) 

Note: If you want to keep your questions even more private, you can email them to me :) I will definitely reply you. Email:

My next update is going to be about Zampage so stay tune! 
In the mean time, post any questions to my - -
 I'll talk to you all real soon. 
Love ya <3 


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