Saturday, 15 June 2013

57. Locked in a cage

Thanks to my horrendous results, I am not like a bird locked up in a cage! 
Now, I can barely step out of my house, not even to study with friends. Sigh, at times I really wonder how I got myself into a situation like this. Oh well..... 

Anyway, my Saturday was basically filled with my usual tuition classes. 
However, going through oral during Chinese tuition did get me a little nervous for my up-coming O Level oral exam! I really hope I can do well. 

 [My Current Nails]

After Chinese was POA. And like every Saturday, I manage to reach just in time for class (Y) 
POA class was a little crazy, though. We en-counted a few issues trying to balance the balance sheet and that got us a little stressed up! Well of course we finally manage to get it with the help of what my POA teacher in school like to call, 
" The Super Tutor". 

After tuition ended, I headed town to the usual place to meet Kelly for a short study session! 
Ever since my phone went missing, contacting her was a problem and hence, I felt so good when I finally saw her today :) 
I really missed her so much since last Sunday. I shall leave the rest of the talking to the pictures. Enjoy!  

Hmms, I guess, that's about it  for now but before I go, here's my #ootd to end this blog post! 
Do post any questions to my - or e-mail me if you want to keep your questions private! Thank you for reading my blog and I'll talk to you guys real soon! 


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