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63. Zampage - Friends like family

So many have been asking ....

 What is Zampage? 

If you have read our blog, you will understand Zampage as a video production group that films and host frequent party events that will be open to the public.

In technical terms, yes, that's what we are. However to me, Zampage is more than that.

Zampage is a group of friends, I can consider my third family. Why third? Actual Family (1) Choir (2) Zampage (3)

Anyway, back to Zampage and how I met them.

I met "Zampage" for the first time on the 31 of December 2012. We were at Beldric's house for a party and I was invited by my then friend, now boyfriend, Steve to join the count down for the New Year. At the party, I completely did not know anyone else except for Steve of course. Hence, I did what anyone would do, make friends. At that time, I did not know of Zampage's existence as I just thought they were a group of really close friends. Regardless, that night was hands down on of the best count down party I ever attend. The memories I had of that night still lingers in me till now! ;)

Here are some photos we took that night.


And so that was our night.
Filled with fun, drinks and I got to add this, romance. For those of you who don't know, Steve officially asked me to be his girl after the clock past midnight. Hence, we got together on 1st Jan 2013. I like to call it the New Year's Magic. Hehehe <3

Okay, I'm not going to elaborate on how he asked and all but Zampage continued to be a big part of my life as the next big thing they were planning at that time was a beach party. The aim of the party was a post exam activity that they organize to just bring people from different poly's together for a fun day out at the beach. Though the event was not very successful, we evaluated and knew what we had to improve on. The event was on the 1st of March at Sentosa!

Here are some of the photos I took with the people in Zampage

Beldric                                                                                            Jonanthan
Mitch                                                                                       Glenden
Brian                                                                                               Trevor
Amanda                                                                                             May Wu

After the beach event, Zampage just met up on a regular basic to either have dinner or go to the movies. Nothing much was really happening in late March till April. However, we did a mini photo-shoot in our Zampage T-Shirts for our Facebook page and blog.

As you will be able to see them there, I will not post them up here.

You can check out our blog (Link Below)

Click on the profiles if you which to know the name of the person and which school they are from.

Richard & Me

Then on the 29th of April, it was Shantay's birthday :)
It was held at a club house and it was a pretty "glam"event as we all  had to dress up in our formal suit for her party.

Here's the link to the blog post about her party

After which, as we all know, the next big event was School's Out. School's Out was organized by Steve, aka my boyfriend, and looking back I have to say that it was a successful event as all who went had loads of fun. However it was a pity that the dance floor was a little too empty for a clubbing event like this one. Nonetheless, I'm really really proud of my boy.

Here's the link to some photos of the event

In conclusion, Zampage really been though a lot together and I am really blessed to have them in my life. Though I have not been able to meet up with them as often now, due to our busy schedules, I sure do miss the times when we all could just come together to have fun. Though Zampage is seen as a production company or one that is aspiring to becoming one, Zampage to me will always be family. I know it's lame and cheesy to say this but I will probably feel less fearful and afraid if I were to get into NgeeAnn now, knowing that I have them. Being the youngster can be a good thing at times and in this case, I'm really glad to have so many people to learn and look up too.

To any Zampager who is reading this blog post, I am sorry for the times where I might have acted like B. I really hope you don't take it to heart. Do know that I'll always love you and I can't wait for the day we all turn legal and can finally party together. I am so sure that we are going to walk into that club and set it on fire. We will show them what sexy is like ;) I love you all to bits.

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