Thursday, 27 June 2013

74. Movie date crashed + World War Z

On Tuesday while I was at the movies with Steve, I experienced a "Date Crash". 

Who crashed it? 
(Continue reading to find out) 

Call it weird, scary or cute, but here's the story. 

Steve and I decided to meet up at Cine for a movie on Tuesday as we haven't gone out to town in awhile. World War Z was our movie choice. We bought the tickets for the 6.40pm show and had an early dinner to kill time. Upon entering the cinema at about 6.35pm, we found our seat, sat down and started talking. Well, and of course, like every couple, we also had our cute moments of making out in the cinema. Then suddenly from a distance, I heard someone say "Hi". I wouldn't have turned if the sound of the voice wasn't one I could recognize, but it was. It was the voice of his sister. I turned, and in front of me was the whole family. His mum then raised her hand waved toward our direction. Man I was in total shock. 

I looked at Steve with the most confused expression and said,
"Did they just walk into us making out, in the cinema, and crashed our date all at the same time?" 

Steve himself was also stunned by what had just happened and he too went, 
"Yeah love, I think they just did. And I swear I have nothing to do with this. I don't know why they are here." 

We saw them walk down the aisle to take their seats at the side. And as they did, Steve and I both agreed in unison. 
"Yup, we do not have a normal life." 

Well, I guess their parents, just like we did, wanted to spend sometime together with the ones they love. Hence, the crashing our movie did seem like a bad idea since his mum already knew we were there. After the movie ended, they had shopping plans but, being the me with O's to focus on, I had to leave. Overall, it was a pretty cute experience I got to admit. I mean, how many parents actually walk in to their children during their dates, and crash it? Therefore this is one of the many reason why I say, I have an interesting relationship that can create the most epic moments. 

And now, as for the ratings of the show. 
I will give it a rating of 7/10

Being the first zombie movie I ever watched, this was sure an eye-opener for me. As some people reading this blog might not have already watched it, I will not share with you, as of now, my most favorite part of the movie. I will probably do an updated review after the movie stops screening in cinemas. To be honest, I was a little nervous before the movie started but since I wanted to be a cool girlfriend and not some scared little girl, I agreed to watch it. At certain parts though, it felt as if I was watching a live version of L4D or the zombie games people play, just without the re-spawn mode!

In conclusion, the show was a rather touching and sweet one (the irony). If you were to ask me what I have learnt from that movie, I will say courage. It is not easy for a man to leave his family to go out there into the world of danger to search for a cure for something he didn't even know where he could start. However, the bravery of Brad Pitt (real name) was really up there. In addition, the trust and faith the wife had for him is also very commendable. As I was watching, I really wondered if I could have been as strong as her if I had to choose. I'll probably let Steve go as well but whether or not I keep my sanity, that's something I will question. 

Before I go, here's the trailer of the movie. 

I guess I cleared another thing of my bucket list, both couple and individual, and that is, to watch a zombie movie! 
Thank you love, it was an eventful date indeed. (Something worth sharing with our kids) 


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