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76. The perfect boyfriend + how to make it last

Hey guys! Today's post was inspired by one of my question. 

The question was -  What characteristics do a girl look for in a perfect boyfriend?

Firstly, I want to say that a "perfect boyfriend" is impossible to find. Being humans, we all have our flaws, no one is perfect. As such, we will not be able to find someone that will not annoy, anger or irritate us at all. However, we will be able to find someone that we will still love despite all of that. Hence, even though I have  already answered to this in my, I thought that it would be a good post to blog about and publish.
 So if you're ready, here are my view on what a "perfect boyfriend" should be like. 

1. Goal in life 
When a person has a goal in life, both career and studies, the girl would feel a sense of security. She will feel that the person she is trusting her life with will be able to support her in the future. This is really important as she then will have faith and trust in the relationship and see a future in it. 

2. Good Character 
Personally, I am one who goes for the character and not the looks. Yes, I do agree that looks matter to a certain extend but having a good heart is even more important. He needs to be one that will not hit or scold you in anger. He must not be violent or abusive in any way. He must not treat you like you're a toy or something he can take his anger upon.

 3. Understanding
 He need to understand that as girls, we to have our moments. We will get pissed and annoyed at times and hence, he needs to be able to give in to you when necessary. Also, he needs to be there for you and listen to you when you need a listening ear. He might not fully understand you or the way you think but at least, he needs to be there for you to hear you out. As girls, we only tend to open up to the people we love and therefore him being there for you is really important. 

4. Loyal 
A man needs to be loyal to you. I don't need to elaborate any further on this as this should be self explanatory. 

5. Mature 
The maturity of the guy is really important. You would not want to date a person who thinks and acts like a small kid. If he does that, it will bring a lot stress upon the girl as she will be the one that needs to look after him, give in to him and fight for the relationship all the time. In the long run, the relationship will become really tiring and hard for the girl. Eventually, this might lead to a break up. 

6. Appreciation 
Lastly, the man needs to know how to appreciate a woman. He needs to be able to see her as a beautiful woman that will be a good mother. In short, he needs to know how to see you in a way other man will not. For example, other guys might look at you and say "Omg, she's so hot and pretty, I want to date her." However, your boyfriend has to be the guy that say "Omg she's so hot and pretty, I want to date her. I'm falling in love with her heart." This is very important. It takes a mature man to see beyond the beauty of the outer appearance.

In conclusion, don't date someone you don't see yourself getting married to. However, after telling you all the things a good boyfriend must have, we too as girls need to start learning to become more of a woman as well. We cannot expect the man to understand us all the time, we too need to understand them. As much as we want then to be matured, we must do the same.

 Just remember this:
A woman needs a man, not a boy
 A man needs a woman, not a girl

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” ― Sam Keen

Awhile later, I got another question that asked - What do you think couples should do to make the relationship last forever? Hence after reading the above pointers on knowing how to look for the right guy, it is now time to know how to make that last. Therefore, here is my opinion on how I feel a couple can make their relationship last.

1. Re-light the flame
 Find something fun and cool to do together! An example might be going overseas (Older Couples) Or trying out visiting a new place of attraction in Singapore like USS or Adventure Cove. (Teenagers)

2. Create a bucket-list
 Get you and your boyfriend to create a bucket-list they personally want to fulfill. Then, exchange it with their partner. After which, the partner has to try his and her best to fulfill the bucket-list of the other. Some things might be like "Watching the night sky, going for a picnic, dancing in the rain or even cooking a meal together". The bucket-list can range for individual wants. Eg - the want to do diving - to the couple things like what I mentioned earlier. Eg - dancing in the rain - By doing so, this would add some life and color to the relationship and it will make it a really memorable experience you two can hold on to. This will bring the both of your close and further bond the relationship.

3. Have occasional heart to heart talks
 This will help you further understand each other and what is on each other's mind. This will allow you to know what your partner is currently going through in his or her own school or work. This will help you understand each other better and be more accommodating to each other as you will then know what your partner is going through.

 4.Don't keep secrets 
This is really important as every relationship is built on trust. If you were to do something wrong, you will need to tell your partner. Even though you might feel that what you did might hurt that person, you would still need to tell. By telling your partner, it will show that you are being honest to one another and though he or she might get angry and rage at you, they will come to realize that you were mature enough to admit your mistakes. Eventually, they will still forgive you.

 In conclusion, to keep a relationship going, you must not stop showing each other how much you love each other. Don't take each other for granted and as much as you can, show each other how much you love each other. For the boys, check in on your girlfriend or wife once in awhile either by a text or phone call and ask her how is she doing. Remind her to take a meals and tell her how much you love and miss her. For the girls, send a sweet message to him to remind him how amazing and strong he is. Remind him of how much you love and cherish him for who he is. Make him feel confident and tell him how proud you are to have him as your boyfriend or husband! :)

Lastly, NEVER give up on the one you love!

If you need any love, friendship, relationship, family, individual advice or have any questions you might want to ask, feel free to post them on my - - I will be answering them either in a reply there itself or in a video response! Take care and I'll talk to you soon! 
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