Saturday, 29 June 2013

77. Does she like me?

Guys, here's a post for you. So how can you tell if the girl you like, likes you back? Someone asked me this on my recently and as such, it got me thinking. Hence after thinking about it for awhile, here's what I have to say when it comes to telling if the girl you like, likes you back! 

Question: How can I tell if a girl likes me or not?

When a girls likes you she will: 

1. Talk to him daily
 While replying your massages she will never give you a one word like "Okay", "Haha" or "Sure"
If she does, it will only happen once in awhile and that's only because she's busy. 
Most of the time you will find her sending you a pretty long messages with lots of emotions in them :D 

2. Ask about his day
 She will want to know what you did, how your day went. 
She will be concerned who you went out with and where you went. 
She would want to know if there was anything interest that happened to you that day.
 Eg - Anything funny, random or weird. 

3. She will flirt 
She will show you her flirting skills, even in the smallest way possible.
She will always say sweet and nice things to you to compliment you. 
She will comment about your hair, dressing and definitely, perfume smell. 
At times, she will smile at you once in awhile and when she does, her eyes will light up in sparkles! 

 4. She remembers things 
She will remember the things you told her.
 For example, she will remember what you like, what you hate. Some girls might even remember your favorite food and places you like to hang out at. In addition, if you ever told her he will do something for her, she will remember as well.

5. Presents
She will give you presents on special occasion. Eg. Christmas.
 You might say that she gave others presents too. 
However, you will be able to tell that your present looks different from the rest.
Your present would most probably be the nicest and the best wrapped.

6. Conversation
She will keep the conversation going both in person and in text. She will not let it die. 

7. She will care for you.
In a case where she sees you down and sad, she will try her best to be there for you.
 She will want to know what happened and she will want to be by your side. 
She will tell you that everything is going to be alright and she will remind you how amazing you are.

8. She tells her friends
She will talk about you to her friends.
 She will probably talk about the good of you in front of her other friends.
 She will talk about how perfect, funny and sweet of a guy you are. 
If you have any mutual friends, you might want to ask around. 

9. Doing things together
She will want to go to places with you.
 Eg. Shopping, Sentosa, USS or any place she likes. 
She will want to share her interest with you. She will tell you what she hates and what she likes. 
She wants you to know and remember them.

10. The "J" word
Lastly and most importantly, she will get JEALOUS when she sees you being too close with another girl. She gets jealous because she wants you to only give her your attention and no one else. She might not show it but if you observe well enough, you'll see it through her eyes! It's pretty obvious. 

PS: These pointers are just my own opinion and I'm not saying that this is 100% correct. This is just something I thought of sharing with you guys as I just want to let you guys know what I feel about this topic! Also, to any guy out there who is currently chasing the girl you like, I want to wish you all the best of luck :) I hope this helped you a little in one way or another! Lastly, before I go, I'm not sure how many of you know that my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 6th month on the 1st of July. If you don't I'm telling you now! Hence, explaining the reason as to why this week's blog updates are mainly focused on love & relationship related post.

 If you do have any questions about my relationship with my boyfriend or any questions on love, do feel free to post or ask for any advice on - - Thank you :) Till next time ♥ ♥ 


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