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79. Study Series: Motivation - (Part 1)

How do you keep motivated? 
How do you concentrate? 
How you do you balance your studies with everything else? 

These are the few questions I get a lot on :-) 
As such, today's blog post will be the first post of my very new, Study Series

There are 3 main things I would like to blog about. 

1) Motivation
2) How to study better
3) Final push

However, to start off, I'll be blogging about motivation.

So, what is motivation to you? 

I'm sure we all have our different definitions of what motivation is. At the same time, I am also sure that each and everyone of you gets motivated differently. Some people count on others. Some people count on things. While some people count on themselves. Regardless what your motivation is, we all can agree that it is something that will push us on. With that motivation in mind, we will very often find ourselves being able to complete a certain task we set out to do. 

But, what happens when we fall? 
Is motivation something easy to get then? 
I'm sure we all know the answer. 

Personally, I fell before, everyone falls. 
Falling down or experiencing failure isn't something we can avoid. It's all part of life. 
Everyone would have experienced failure. Everyone knows the pain.

As a student, failing the subject/subjects you're weak in is probably a pretty common sight. It is so common till you somehow get used to seeing yourself getting an "F" for that subject all the time. Many times, we laugh over our results and start to careless about it. We start to lose the importance of studying that subject all together. When that happens, we are actually putting ourselves at a disadvantage. We are depriving ourselves from improvement and success. 

As humans, we often see the negative side of things. 
When something gets too challenging, we tend to feel like giving up. 
I do too, it's normal. 

After my mid-year results were released, I was so stressed. I failed 6 out of 7 subjects. I was so shocked. In fact, that was the first time I failed so many subjects in my entire life. I couldn't believe in anything. I couldn't believe in myself, my future or what I wanted to achieve. I felt as if nothing wasn't going to work out. I felt as if it was over for me. Negative thoughts started flooding my head and all I could think of was giving up. After two days of being in that state, I knew I couldn't stay like this forever. I knew inside of me that I needed to get back up.

 Problem was, how?

How could I convince myself that I was good enough for a second shot? 
To be honest, I didn't know if I was. I couldn't see that anything was left inside of me.
 Was it still worth it? I asked. That question lingered in my mind for an entire day. And finally, after all the thinking, I decided. I decided to pick myself up and stay strong. 

I told myself  


In life, you must not let failure get the better of you. 
Hence, here are ways I use to motivate myself whenever I fall in my studies. 

1. Be Positive 
Whenever you fail, try again. Taking math as an example. 
Math is a subject that needs a lot of revision and practice so if you don't keep up with it regularly, chances are, you will fail. However, you cannot just take your failure as you being lousy at the subject. At times, carelessness plays a part too. For math, the main reason why people fail is mostly caused by the lack of practice. As such, if you are one that always fails math, don't give up. Look back at your test and pick out areas or topics you are weak in and keep practicing them! Slowly, you will find yourself improving. 

2. One step at a time 
When it comes to improving your grades, it's not something that can happen over night. You need to make sure you take one step at a time and gradually climb up to that goal. Let's use Chemistry. If you are weak in Chemistry, don't see it as a whole subject, instead, break it down. Start by revising the simpler topics. Do one topic at a time. Don't over flood yourself. This will only result in you stressing yourself out even more. Thus, if you are as lost in Chemistry as I am, I suggest you to start your revision now. This will then give you enough time to make sure that you complete your revision before the actual exam itself. 

3. Don't give up. 
I'm not going to elaborate much on this but whenever you feel like giving up, keep reminding yourself why you held on for so long in the first place. Don't give up halfway. To those taking O's, it's only 4 more month! Are you sure you want to give up all your years in learning a subject at this point in time? I mean, come on, you did it for so long already, what's 4 more months? Just keep pushing on and you'll make it through. Well even if you don't, at least if then you still know you gave you all. That's the most important. Learn to cultivate a fighting spirit inside of you. People now a days lack determination like this.

Here are two quotes that inspires me when I'm down - 

“ If I fail, I try again, and again, and again. If YOU fail, are you going to try again? The human spirit can handle much worse than we realize. It matters HOW you are going to FINISH. Are you going to finish strong? ” ― Nick Vujicic

“ Fall seven times, stand up eight. ”

I don't know how much this helped but I really hope it did help some people out there. Motivation is something that can be lost just like that so whenever you find your motivation, keep it close to your heart. Don't let it slip away. To anyone that is feeling tired of studying, I want to cheer you on. Don't ever let tiredness be a factor as to why you give up. That's not valid at all. Keep holding on and believing in yourself. If you fail, climb back up. After all like they always say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 

If you do have any questions, feel free to post them to my -


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