Sunday, 14 July 2013

84. A Gentlemen Series - JunMing's Makeover

Believe or not men do struggle with their style as well. 
In fact, it is even more challenging for men to develop their own personal style within such limited choices of clothes. Unlike girls, men can't choose between shorts and dress, or crop tops and tubes. All they have inside their closet are T-shirts, Jeans & 3/4s 

In this gentleman series, we will be featuring Zampages' very own transformation video. In this video, there is a boy. His name is JunMing. He's one who knows nothing about fashion. So do you want to know how we turned JunMing from a geeky nerd to a stylish street boy? If you do, check out the video below! 

P I C T U R E S 


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