Saturday, 13 July 2013

84. Talking to your crush


So you see your crush some distance away but have no idea how to approach him/her. 
You find your heart racing all of a sudden and you mind seems to go nowhere, but blank. 
What are you going to do now? This might be your only chance....

Here are my tips for you: 

1. Smile 
Approaching someone with a smile already makes you beautiful even without you trying. Smiling gives people a calming effect and thus, smiling will help you calm your own nerves. However, don't over do it. Over doing it might cause you to appear fake or scary. I'm sure you don't want to scare your potential date away. NOT CUTE :( 

2. Be confident
Though you might be spinning inside, you need to keep your cool. By getting all jumpy and anxious, you would give yourself away. I'm sure we all don't want to mess up that first impression, do we? Hence, my advice for you is to breath. Breathing will help you relax your body and emotions. Take deep breaths before walking over to say hi to that special someone. Remember you don't want to get all jittery around that person. In addition, don't be too bothered about your dressing. You might not be in your best clothes but you still can embrace what you have and look amazing in them!  

3. Timing 
Talking to someone at the right timing changes things a lot. If you decide to approach your crush when their having a bad day, chances are, you'll be the punching bag. Worst still, they might even brush you off. Hence, to avoid that, you need to observe their facial expression before even deciding to go over. If you can spot some anger in that expression, I'd suggest you pick another time :-) However, if you're someone that likes to be sweet, you can choose to write that crush of yours a cute note and in hope of making that person's day better! 

4. Common Topic 
So let's say the person you want to approach isn't in your class and thus you can't seem to find a good conversation starter. In situations like this, I suggest that you make use of your surrounding. For example, if you are in the eatery, you might want to start a conversation by asking your crush for some food recommendations. I know it might sound dumb but as the saying goes, desperate needs calls for desperate measures. Who knows? If you're lucky, they might even offer you to sit with them. 

5. Take it slow
This is a really important thing to note as you can never rush into things. You must not let anyone know your interest in that crush of yours. Well at least, not yet. You need to approach him/her just as a friend. You can't approach that person with the mindset he/she is already yours. You need to slow things down and get to know each other better before deciding on your next move. Telling someone you like them too fast will result in putting your friendship or even your relationship at a risk. Feelings need time to develop, so if you give it sufficient time, things it will work out for you. 

6. Don't make a joke out of it
When you have finally decide to approach that crush of yours, you need to be aware of who is around you. You need to make sure that there isn't anyone that would spoil your moment. For the friends that know, you need to make sure they aren't going to laugh or create a scene when you are conversing with that crush of yours. Imagine if you're a boy and your friends start laughing the moment you talk to that girl you like, she will definitely feel that you are making a joke out of her. Getting yourself in this situation is the last thing you would ever want to experience. Thus, be really careful. 

7. Be yourself 
Lastly, be yourself. just go there, do your thing and let the magic begin. 

That's all I have for you today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Do feel free to ask for any advice or post any blog request or questions you might have for me to my - - If not, take care and I'll talk to you guys soon! 


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