Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ask.fm: Do You Believe In Forever Till The End?

The word forever is a mystery in itself. 
In the context of this question however, here's what I believe or think about forever. 

Firstly, when I look at holding on to something, I always ask myself how long am I going to hold on?
Most of the time, there are only three answers, I can arrive at.  

(1) A short while 
(2) I don't know 
(3) As long as I live

Each of the different answers appear at different situations. 

(1) Starting with - A Short While - When you hold on to something for a short while, it is most likely they ain't as important. Most of the time, people hold on to things for a short while because they have something bigger. Basically, they are just using what they currently have as a buffer. This can happen when one deals with materialistic items, job offers, position or even friends. 

(2) Secondly - I don't know - The statement of "I don't know" is a rather complicated statement as well. People normally say "I don't know" because they are in a state of confusion. This situation can be applied when the relationship are on rocks. This is common as people start questioning their relationship or the worth of something. They will start to feel that they or the other party or thing is less worthy. However, there's still a lingering thought in them and that is, a part of them just aren't ready to let go. As such, this is the worst decision you can get yourself stuck in. 

(3) Lastly - As long as I live. When you decide to hold on to something for so long, it usually come in the form of true love, sentiments or dreams. All these items aren't something one can just give up easily on. These are things people hold on so dearly to because they are our lives. They define who we are and part of us can be seen in them. These are the few things we live and breath for. These are the things we will fight for. 

So after looking at all 3 possibilities, I will then ask myself, how far can I hold on if I were faced with three situations.

I guess it's pretty obvious that the first option wouldn't be considered as forever. Like how I explained it early, if I can give up on these things so easily, forever can't be applied her. These are the things I did not even treasure in the first place, hence no issue or emotions at stake. When it comes to the second situation, I normally hurt the most. It is at times like this where I will have to decide whether I want to listen to my heart or my mind. This probably would happen when I'm not sure how long more I can hang on. Usually occurring when the relationship is unstable. This may cause me to hurt but I'll always choose to give up as most of the time, in these situations, I wasn't the one that gave up first. Lastly, when I hold on to my dream, it actually challenges my mind more than anything else. The road to success can be a hard one. At times, even your help deserts you. People come in and out of your live and many times, like it or not, you're very much left on your own. However, I would say, I'll choose to fight. 

Similarly, this is applied in my relationship. When my relationship gets tough, I'm not one that will give up. I don't believe in one giving up on a another. To me, you don't give up on the people you love. So if you were to ask me, I'll fight and hold on if the other party is doing just the same. I'll fight because I know we'll make it through and love will lead the way. 

In conclusion, the answer to your question is yes, I believe in forever till the end. I believe in it because something like love can't stop. It either stay constant or grows deeper. Love in people, love for a sport, love for your ambition. It can never fade, and no matter how hard you try to deny it, it will be there standing ever so strong deep inside the roots of your heart. 


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