Saturday, 27 July 2013

89. Dad's belated birthday post + Tim Ho Wan

Last Wednesday night, my family and I had a dinner night out as it was my dad's birthday. In addition, as we really wanted see for ourselves how great was the Tim Ho Wan restaurant exactly, we decided to choose that as our dinner location for the night. 

If you are a regular in town like I am, I'm sure most of you would know where this restaurant is located. If you don't, this restaurant can be found on Level 1 inside Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre, at the newer side of the mall, just where Starbucks is. Also, I'm pretty certain that you guys have been the dragon long queue forming outside the restaurant on a daily basis. Therefore, just like any other day, we had to wait for our turn. 

That night, it took us about 30 minutes before we could get a seat. After we finally settle down, we the hungrily ticked off the menu and waited anxiously for the food to arrive :-) To cut the long story short, here's what we ordered.

To our surprise, my parents and I didn't really think the food was as appetizing as it looked after trying them all. In fact, my mum added and said that it was an over rated restaurant. My dad also claimed that he tried better food elsewhere. However, despite the disappointment, we gave much praise to a few dishes. They were namely the bun, porridge and the dessert. These 3 dishes were what my family felt the better ones among what we ordered that night.

Overall, would give the restaurant a 6.5/10 rating and I doubt my parents would ever go there for a meal again if even a choice. I would really want to know what you guys think about the food there. Hence, if you have tired it before, feel free to share your ratings in the comments below :-)

 Lastly, you may post any questions you have for me to my - - and I'll reply you as and when I am free to do so :D Till the next blog post, take care & I'll talk to you guys real soon.


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