Friday, 5 September 2014

91. Boys VS Man - Part 1

1. Boys will blame, man will take responsibility 
When something goes wrong, you would find a boy pushing or putting the blame on everyone else around. Sometimes, a boy does it so much so that he doesn't even realize that he was the one at fault in the first place. To be honest, it is a really easy and natural reaction to push the blame. Boys or even people do that as they do not want to be put into a bad light. In a way, sharing the blame makes them feel a little "less wrong" or less at fault. However, no matter how much one is afraid, a man would take the responsibility and face the consequences of his mistakes. 

2. Boys have an ego way too high, man admit to his mistakes 
A familiar line girls? How many times have ego came into the way? I'm sure not only boys but even girls face the same issue. To be honest, this is a "so human" kinda thing. However, boys tend to avoid an apology more than girls. Being a boy, one would prefer to not put down his ego as he feels that he ain't completely at fault. To that, I know it can be hard but at times but, sometimes, saying sorry and trying to fix the problem is just what you need to make everything alright again. 

3. Boys have swag, man has class 
There is a differences between swag and class. To be honest, getting that swag isn't really a tough job for most boys. I mean, its pretty evident in every one of them you see. I'm sure you would agree that most boys know how to carry themselves and have skills that they can use to impress a girl. However, not all of them have to class. Having that class means more than just being able to carry yourself and having good skills. Having the class means that one is able to talk, speak, act, behave and think like a man. It's not something so easy to achieve. 

4. Boys go for looks, a man sees beyond physical beauty 
I'm sure every girl can tell when a man loves her more than what her physical beauty has to offer. I mean, I can't disagree totally that one cannot completely judge by looks. However, some boys to a certain extend, like girls for tall the wrong reason. A very good example would be liking a girl for her body. Many boys would appear to girls as what we say "horny". Well, I guess this is a clear defining moment to differentiate the way boys and man think. Being horny all the time really shows how immature your mental state actually is. 

5. Boys are careless, a man cares for the one he loves
Have you ever heard boys say "I don't really care" or "I don't give a damn"?
If you haven't, I know I did. To make myself clear, this does not refer to a boy not caring about the girl as a person, but to a boy not caring enough about the little details in her life. Many times, a girl would find that the  boy is less interested in her life than he was before. I guess you argue could say that that a pretty normal thing as he gets used to her life and her character. However, a man would still put in his best effort on to being a listening ear and care for the one he loves. Most importantly, he would do it without compromising. 

And with that, I will end my blog post here. Do stay tune for Part 2 of "Boys VS Man" coming up next week. If you do have an questions for me or would like to ask for any advice, feel free to post it to my - - If not, I wish you all readers an amazing Sunday ahead and till the next post. 


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