Sunday, 28 July 2013

92. Just a girl

She's just a girl so sick and tired of waking up to something she hates. 
She just want to live her life happy. Is that really so hard? 
Everyday she wonder why she has to put up will all the bullshit people give her. 
All the fake friends around. What a joke it is. 

At times, she finds joy being in school with the free air-con. 
But other then that, it's just a bitter place altogether. 
She has a few close friends in class, those she can trust with her heart. 
However, they too are busy as well hence, she'll rather fake a smile. 

She laughed so hard when she was with her friends at np last week. 
And it was then when she realize how long has it been.
Has it been a year? Or maybe more? 
She can't even remember the last time her laugh was so true.

She's a girl with big dreams.
She's a girl that wants to make a difference. 
She's a girl that wants to just be free and live. 
She a just that wants to experience life. 

O levels to her is more of a chore than anything. 
School, as much as she likes to learn, she find it a torture.
She feels like a bird unable to fly. Trapped. Locked. Limited. 
She pretty much dislike her life right now but still tries to find joy in everything she does. 
She can't wait for the day she graduates and leave,
but I'm sure she'll miss those memorize left behind. 

She's a girl that wants to be cared for.
She's a girl that cries
She a girl that wants to be understood. 
And lastly, She's a girl that misses who she used to be

Her name is ........ forget it, it doesn't matter, does it? 


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