Monday, 12 August 2013

What does being in love feel like?

So many have asked me on my, "What does being in love feel like?" 
After much thought on how I can break it down to you bit by bit, here's my answer. 

Firstly, being in love feels magical. I know, I know it's cheesy but I've got to say, it's true. Being in love is probably one of the best feelings a person can ever feel. It makes one happy, and it breathes life into the other. And of course, it gives you a certain kind of cheerful energy. I'm sure we all can imagine how that feels. I mean, we see it all over the movies too right? At times, even just by watching it alone can already overwhelm you in sweetest.

Loving someone requires a lot. Like I always say, it's not just about loving the good. It's also about loving the bad.
So since we have to love both good and bad, how does it feel when the times get rough? 

Well, that's a different story altogether.

 As such, apart from feeling all mushy and sweet, tears and heartbreaks will also occur. Fight are inevitable and yes, they will happen once in awhile. Sometimes, it happens out of no where and its sudden occurrence leaves you wondering what actually went wrong. I guess that's pretty normal as we're all flawed.... However, the question is, are you going to hold on? 

I'm sure we all heard of the song "I won't give up on us" by Bruno Mars. Similarly, how far are you willing to hold on? 

If you were to ask me, I would say: "For the rest of my life"

 Alright, I know most people would counter this and say "Young love won't last". Well, my statement back to you is, "Who said we can't try our very best to make it?" I'm not trying to sound like a young teen in love but really, who said it ain't possible?
Who said love can't last? To be honest, no one did. It was us who feared what others said. It was us who chose to believe the negative. It was us that decided not to believe. Thus, when the times are rough, one should never give up. I agree that there would come a time when you feel like you can't hold on. I know how that feels. Nonetheless, one should never give up on the people they love. They should fight for them. 

Ps: This only applies to couples that are in love. This does not apply to one sided love or one fighting for another that doesn't even want to fight in return. 

Anyway, back to the topic. Fighting for someone involves effort and time. Sometimes, it hurts too. I know how that feels, I been through it too. It's a human thing. Therefore, these little imperfections of a relationship makes up the feeling of, bitterness. 

Then you may ask, what is love?

Love isn't something that bring you smiles all the time nor is it something that will bring you tears every night. Love is something that your heart needs to keep you going. It's a bittersweet feeling. Something can hurt, yet something so precious. Some what like a paradox. To be honest, I believe that one can never understand how much we can love. Most of the time we underestimate ourselves. We look at others and ask "How can he or she love him or her so much?" Well, in actual fact, we all can. We just have to find that one person that's worth it all. Both the good and the bad.


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