Thursday, 15 August 2013

104. A like, a crush or a lover?

What is the difference between liking someone, having a crush and being in love?

Liking someone is a feeling of admiration. For example, if you were to meet someone that could perhaps dance really well, you would like them. You would like them because they are doing something that attracts you. Most of the time it just stops as that. You like their style, vibe or skill. 

Crushing on someone is slightly different. When you crush on someone, feelings are involved. A crush is what happens after that like I said earlier. Remember me saying "Most of the time it just stops at that."? A crush however is another level higher. That's when you liking turns into an obsession. You start to notice the person more, you start to "spazz" over what he or she does. In other words, you'd start to feel that urge to want to hang out or express your feelings to that person. You want to treat them well, you want them to hang out with you. Basically, you want their attention.

 So after you finally confessed and all went well, the two of you are now officially in a relationship. Or maybe you realized that your feelings ain't that of a "like" anymore, it has developed into a bigger word, love. So what's it like being in love? Well, I talked about this on my blog so maybe you would want to check it out if you haven't.

 However, here's a little something I'd add. 

Being in love requires a lot of faith, understanding, forgiveness, patience & trust. It's something rather difficult to understand and even more so to achieve. When you're in love with a person, he or she starts to mean so much more to you then they first did. All of a sudden, they become a part of your life. You start to miss them, you start to care for them. At times, you get hurt when they do something you didn't except them to do or when they say something you didn't expect them to say. We get hurt because they mean something to us. 

The love I talked about are what couples would feel. So how would love feeling when you're not together with that person you love? 

Well this can go in two ways: 
1. You're over protective
 2. You love from a far

 I don't want to make this too long an answer but if when you love the "over protective" way, you would find yourself being bothered by who she hangs out with. You want to know who her friends are, you stalk her to the end of the earth. This is first category. Yes, I agree that caring for someone is necessary. However, if you over do it, you would come across as dominating and controlling. And that for sure will not help you win her heart. 

If you were to love from a far then, what would it be like? Is it all suffering for you? Maybe, maybe not. This comes hand in hand with your maturity. If you are willing to let the person you love go when they don't feel the same and you're willing to let her be happy, you're up there. However if you go into a great sadness and depression after which, you ain't getting the point. To end, a like is an attraction. A crush an obsession. And love, despite being a bittersweet feeling, it's something we need.


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