Monday, 19 August 2013

108. I'll miss you

You left for two week the last time you flew out of town. 
But this time, it's going to be for a month. 
I'll miss you so much. 

I'll be writing an open diary here just for you. 
And like the previous time, it's going to be called Aquarius Diaries. 
Though you might not have excess or be free to read it, 
do know that I'll always be thinking of you. 

Right now, it's 5 more days till you leave. 
But due to both our exams, it only leaves us with Friday to meet. 
Well I guess life is unfair like that huh? 
Even time doesn't want to be nice. 

Anyway, I should probably head back to my studying now. 
So if you're reading this, I just want you to know remember that...
Even though I can't be there to tell you that I love everyday, 
best believe that my heart is loving and missing you more than anything in the World. 

I love you Steve Tran.
I always will. -

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