Friday, 2 August 2013

94. Hair for hope

Alright, so here's what I heard. 

There are a few that said these girls shaved their hair for attention as some of their tweets proved it. However, I feel that I should not judge them based on this one tweet. Regardless, if they really did this for attention, I'll have nothing to say about this issue.

However, as we cannot be sure if she just tweeted that out of anger, fun or just because she didn't put much thought into it, I'm not going to harp on that part. What I really want to talk about is where this whole issue is going to. 

Firstly, this is my stand. 

I agree that the girls should not have gone back on their word and respected the school. However, I don't think the issue here is weather or not the girls went back against their word. Yes, it is a good reason to say that the girls are wrong. However, what the public wants to know and are all worked up about is the fact that the school actually required them to wear wigs. From their point of view, I am sure they can understand that the girls we wrong in a sense because they didn't agree to their promise. But, I think what they are more concern about is why was the wigs even necessary in the first place.

Hence, I think what we all should do is to look at things from the both perspective. 

When the public looks at it, I am sure many of them cannot understand why is there a need for the wigs. They might not know the "real story" internally but from how they see it, the principle is being unreasonable. As such, many are now putting up mean comments about it. However, I do agree that the girls should not be asked to wear wigs because they're doing it for a good cause. I think it should be their choice to choose. 

Then, when you look at it from the internal, we have students saying that the girls did it for attention and it was their wrong for not sticking to their word. In addition as it was a school rule, we should honor it and hence the principle should not be at fault for this. 

Therefore when you look at these two sides, I am sure each of them have their strong and valid points. I cannot say one is more correct than the other. They both have their strength and weakness. Hence, I feel that the school has to clearly state their reason as to why the needed the girls to wear wigs. Yes, I get it that it is a school rule and all but that's not what the world see. When the public look at it, it appears to be ridiculous and unreasonable. Hence, I think we have to explain to the public the rational behind this rule, if any, and the public should also tone things down and take a look at it from the view of the school.

At this moment, at lot of emotions are at stake and when it comes to sensitive topics like this, stands can becoming very emotional. Thus right now, what we all need to do is to know the both sides of the story and try to come to a mutual understanding and agree on how this issues should be viewed in the first place. We are all young adults and adults and hence, we should deal with this issue with a calm, mature and open mindset and not starting to push the blame to everyone. 

In every disagreement, both parties have a role to play and thus, not one side can be fully right or wrong. The main thing is to understand one another and to be open and accepting to new ideas. I feel that we should handle this situation carefully as it involves more than just going again promises and wigs. It is dealing with emotions, support & the kind of values we will as a nation impart to the younger generation. 

If you guys want to know, I'm a St Margs student.
I don't really have a stand on who is right and wrong.
What I am more concern about is the values, culture and mindset this issue will bring about to the young or to people that don't understand the two sides of the story. After all, I'm sure our intentions are for a good course, and that is to show our support for the cancer patients out there. Why turn it into something so complicated . 


Feel free to state your view and what you think about it on my - - Also, if you agree with me, please don't hesitate to tell me so. I just want to know what you guys think about this whole issue. 

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