Monday, 5 August 2013

97. Girls confessing to guys - Part 1

"Hey, so I was thinking about it and I think ........ I ..... you."

As girls, I'm sure we all have our fair share of guys confessing to us. However, how many of us actually do have a confession story of our own to tell? Well, if you guys are wondering, I do. 

To be honest, I don't see why girls can't confess to a guy she likes.
I mean, just as much as the girls want the guys to initiate, guys do to (correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway, I feel that as long as it is mutual, it doesn't matter who says the words of "I like you" or "I love you" first. As such, I am one that fully supports girls confessing to guys. 

My story isn't that amazing but I shall keep that to part 2 of this post. Nonetheless, I did get rejected. I got rejected more than once. When dealing with emotions, it is important to know how handle it. After every fail confession, I would start to then distant myself away. I would not talk to the boy or have any interaction with him. In addition, I would also try my very best not to stalk him on any social media platforms as well. Easier said then done, I normally take awhile before I can go crushing on another guy again. 

Steps I take to confess: 

1. Flirt with them.
2. Talk to them daily (Continues Conversation) 
3. Pick a right time 
4. Don't hesitates 
5. Be Confident but ready to accept whatever is to come 
6. Just do it 

In my opinion, I think girls that are daring enough to confess to guys deserve an applause. I don't think I know of many girls that are actually willing to put down all they have to confess to a guy. Very often, this feeling of fear comes from the judgement people will give them. Some girls are afraid how the boy or his friends would think about her if she did that. As a result, they don't confess.  

However, don't you think how sweet would it be to see a girl confess for a change. I mean, when it comes to love, love isn't subjective. It does not always have to be the men doing everything. I'm sure all the boys are like "OMG YES, SO TRUE" right now but if guys are reading this, this does not give you an excuse to be less sweet. It just means that you will get something sweet in return. 

Anyway, back to my point, I've always believe that everyone has a right to tell the person they like how they feel about them. I always feel that as long as you respect the answer and not force, there is nothing wrong about it. I don't see why some people think girls wait for the guy to move. I mean, some guys are so shy and if the guy you like happens to be the shy kind of guy, are you going to wait forever? 
No babe, you gotta take charge. You need to fight for what you love. 

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