Sunday, 20 October 2013

Do we understand love?

"I’m so confused by humans when it comes to love, partly because of society. Society made us think a certain way about how the guy should treat the girl, or the girl treat the guy. Well of course one would do all of that for the girl of guy they love but even if the he/she doesn’t, don’t we still love them the same? Loving someone goes deeper than actions. It’s selfless. Basically, you’ll find that you’re just glad and thankful because they’re just there. That’s what we all say. 
However, things would start to change. When another comes into your life and show you what it’s like to feel loved and not just give love, you’ll find yourself consumed with him/her. Why? Why do we confuse ourselves? Didn’t we swear and promise we would leave but now we are because someone is treating is better? What happened to all the - I would still love you even if you don’t - Where did all of that go? Realize how we can’t answer ourselves. 
So, do we as humans actually know what loving someone takes? Do we actually know the measure of what love is? Can we comprehend the 4 letters like how it should be or are we just basing it on what we know or should I say, what we think we know. 
Honestly, I’m lost myself. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to what love brings and experiencing every feeling that attached itself along with it. Flirtatiousness, jealously, lust, dissapointment, heartbreak, sacrifice & sweetness. Perhaps someday, I’ll find the answer and perhaps someday, I would really fall in love.”

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