Monday, 25 November 2013

Making 5 mundane things fun

1. Playing with make up 
Grab some low end makeup products that doesn't cost much. After which, ask him to put on your make up for you. This may turn out a little messy but this would certainly bring lots of fun and laughter. It would be even more exciting if he allows you to do the same to him as well. That way, you can "draw" on his face and make him look as pretty or as funny as you want him to be. To some, this might be a wasting of product but I think it's definitely something worth trying just for fun.

2. Housework 
Doing house work together will help you and your man develop teamwork. You can do this through simple household chores. An example would be you sweeping the floor first, and him mopping it after you're done. This would reduce the work load for both parties and chores can then be done more efficiently. Playing music while working would also brighten up the mood a whole lot. In addition, using the broom or mop as your "microphones" would surely add cuteness to it all.

3. Night cycling 
Due to the hot weather in Singapore, cycling in the day wouldn't be much fun. As such, night cycling, in my opinion would be a better option. Night cycling would be a great experience as the serenity of the night would definitely be beautiful. Also, it would allow the both of you to have your own peace and quiet time to talk and get to know each other better. However, please be sure that your bikes are lit with safety lights just in case. This is something I want to try as well.

4. Sending each other to school 
Sending each other to school would act as an energy booster for the day. It would allow the both of you to start your morning right and this would indeed brighten up your day a whole lot. Also, this would let the both of you have a taste of what living together in the future would be like. I say this because this would simulate you sending your partner to work when the both of you become working adults. If you want to add a little sweet touch, make him/her breakfast too. 

5. Starbucks Date
Grab some magazines, along with your laptop, and spend the entire day at Starbucks just chilling out. Looking through fashion magazines together will help you figure out each other's style and this would making shopping for each other way easier! Also, browsing through the internet or watching movies online would be a good way to relax after a long, tiring week. This would allow the both of you to spend some quality time together, as well as, giving you and your partner the opportunity to catch up with each other. 


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